Anvilmount is a Dwarven fortress located on the peninsula of Long Reach, at the far northwestern tip of The Troubled Lands. It is the most remote point of the Dwarven Clans, and known for its fine jewellery exports.

It was the seat of the Mountain King, mightiest of the Clan Kings, and notorious for his vault, sealed behind deadly traps at the very heart of the fortress. Unbeknownst to the original builders of the fortress, it is also located directly above the Tartarian Seal, an ancient construction of Angelic origin that dates back to The First Crusade.

In 2015 AE, tribes of beastmen, led by the Beast King organised into a unified warband, the likes of which the Clans had never seen. Only the Beast King's cunning managed to keep this horde focused on one goal – the destruction of their ancient enemy. The warband broke the gates of Anvilmount and terrorised the fortress.

In response, the desperate Dwarves locked the fortress from within, and cracked the Tartarian Seal to a small fragment of the insane gods contained within, which blasted the fortress clean of almost all life, and rendered the survivors broken and mad.

In late 2016 AE, an expedition led by Captain Elbi of the Myrmidon reached the gates of Anvilmount, though owing to mutiny and betrayal, two rival groups raced each other for the treasure. The mutineers Scriv, Two-Trees, Ix and Cabadath, allied with the pirate Soren the Black to seize control of the Myrmidon and race through Beastmen-infested lands to the gates of the fortress.

Behind them, Vysys, Silas, Morgan and Grahn explored Long Reach and attempted to free the enslaved dwarves outside the fortress from their Beastmen captors. Along the way, Morgan was slain by a cave beast, but they were joined by Morgon, an agent of the Elven Shadowguard, to complete the expedition and seize the riches within Anvilmount. Captain Elbi attempted to journey to the gates herself, but was killed along the way under mysterious circumstances.

On the way to Anvilmount, the expedition crew came across Octavian, an enigmatic wizard who appeared to be a survivor from a previous expedition, but was in fact a disguised demon who had far more sinister motives for accessing the vault. Upon reaching the fortress, they found that Octavian revealed his true nature to slaughter the mutineers and attempt access to the deeper areas of the fortress.

On their way down, the survivors of the expedition discovered the Tartarian Seal beneath the fortress, met the Drider Queen and her host, and saw the madness and havoc wrought by the attack on the fortress. Finally they reached the Vault, masterfully cracked it, and recovered its grand treasure, including the Wings of the Exile, the Farsight Stone, the  Forever King's Crown, and the Nightsider's Key

Before they could leave, the demon Octavian confronted them and absconded with the Nightsider's Key to open the Tartarian Seal. This released the insane gods back into the world, and consumed Octavian, turning him into The Godvessel. The survivors of the expedition fled as the fortress collapsed behind them.


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