Codex Diabolicus

The Codex Diabolicus is an artifact that dates back to The Old Empire. It is a magical tome that contains the six forbidden spells, any one of which has world-shattering power. It is believed to be a product of demonic spellcraft, and the very zenith of what can be achieved through magic.

The Dragon Emperor is the only known wielder of the Codex. He cast the spell of Immortality upon himself to secure his hold over the empire, and used the spell of Obliteration to bring down one of the angelic cities during The First Crusade.

After the defeat of the gods at the hands of the Angels, he grew desperate and unleashed the Codex's full power. This destroyed the empire, leaving its lands a blasted, lifeless ruin, and created The Maelstrom

Since then, the Codex is believed to have remained in The Barbed Palace, at the heart of what was once Imperial rule. It is currently pursued by The Godvessel, who seeks the book's power for its own – and by the crew of the Waveblade, who seek to retrieve it first.

Codex Diabolicus

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