The Old Empire

The Old Empire, also known as the Empire of Chains, was a mighty nation that once encompassed all of what are now called The Far Reaches. Its greatest ruler was The Dragon Emperor, who saw the Empire to the height of its power, but also presided over its fall during The First Crusade and The Cataclysm. They speak The Old Speech, and were highly advanced for their time in both magic, architecture, and engineering. They worshipped The Thousand Gods

The Devils were the dominant race of the Empire. They made deals with the numerous subject peoples that the Empire eventually came to rule, including the Trolls, Hivers, and others. 

When the Angels declared war on the gods in The First Crusade, the Empire joined the side of the gods. They succeeded in bringing down one of the angel cities using the Codex Diabolicus, but after the Gods were sealed away, the Emperor grew desperate and unleashed the full power of the Codex. This caused The Cataclysm, turning the Imperial homeland into The Deadlands, and created The Maelstrom.


Notable residents include:

The Old Empire

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