The Thousand Gods

The Thousand Gods were powerful beings in ages past that ruled the world and everything in it. Along with their subjects, the Angels, they oversaw the mortal realms and administered the fabric of reality. Each of the Gods had some domain of power and responsibility, and they held great sway over the rules that bound creation.

In 10 BC, the Angels declared war to break free of the Gods' rule. The gods lost, and were sealed away in Tartarus, a prison designed to contain their souls for all eternity. Effectively imprisoned in hell for two thousand years and with left with only each other, they grew completely insane. 

Only two known gods, Madness and Durance escaped imprisonment in Tartarus.

In 2016 AE, a group of treasure hunters inadvertently allowed the demon Octavian access to the Tartarian Seal. Octavian  released the insane gods back into the world, before being quickly consumed by them and becoming The Godvessel.

The returned Gods' agenda is not known, but so far they have done nothing but wreak havoc and destruction in their wake. 

Some of the freed gods appear to have returned to their old stations, albeit maddened by millenia of insanity. These include:

Others follow the Godvessel but have split off into independent Vessels of their own. These include:

The Thousand Gods

The Troubled Lands andreybarsky