Where we are now:

The crew of the Waveblade are crossing the turbulent and deadly Tempest Sea, to reach the lands of The Old Empire and recover the Codex Diabolicus.

They have sailed through the Domain of the Reef Lords, passed through the frontier isle of White Rock, and met the isolationist elves of the Storm Nation, who guard the island of Sif's Summit.

Now they are sailing the roiling waters of The Maelstrom, an ancient magical storm left over from The Cataclysm that destroyed the Empire. They reached the swamped island of Madmire, an old Imperial penal colony that was used to trap dangerous prisoners in time.

Caught in a time loop, they met Danton, a pirate and survivor of the wrecked ship The Wayfarer, and made contact with the troll tribes native to Madmire. After seven cycles, they succeeded in freeing themselves from the loop, and now face the oncoming wrath of the Storm Crow, vessel for the god Ruin.

The Troubled Lands

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