Caris is an enigmatic wizard, whose art is vested in memories. She has lived countless past lives throughout history, each of which held some notable power or magical affinity. She is capable of imparting the memories of these lives through bestowing tattoos that tell those stories, which grants the power of those lives to their wearer, though this gives up her own recollection of them.

At some point, she was captured by The Witch-Pirate, and forced to bestow her tattoos to him and every member of his crew. This took much of her power and drove her slightly mad. She was rescued by the crew of the Waveblade and invited to join – though initially reticent, she was drawn by the notion of visiting The Old Empire, and signed on along with Akula and Barric.

She has spent her time aboard the ship bestowing one last tattoo, the Mark of the Lodeseer, to Vysys, to grant him the abiliy to control metal. 

She has seen much of the Empire in her previous lives, though her current state means her contributions are frequently rambling and confusing. 


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