Kellen is an urchin from the streets of Pax. He descends from the prestigious House Serrano, who in past centuries were a ruling noble dynasty, and since then have been wealthy merchants active in the city's political sphere. He was forced out onto the street when his family were murdered by The Bratva.

He was singled out by the Forever King's Crown as the promised Forever King, who would lead the mortal realms to victory in a time of great peril. Grahn found him on the streets of Pax and took him into his care, training him to become a wise and just ruler. 

Since then he has learned many lessons from Grahn and the rest of the crew of the Waveblade. He has been taught the old songs and legends by Morgon, and been educated in the ways of lies and deceit by Vysys. He has been trained to fight by Silas, who also forged him an exquisite sword from various powerful magical materials. 

He does not yet know his true calling, but is enamoured with the idea of being one of the heroes that risk their lives to save the world from a dark fate


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