The Godvessel

The Godvessel is the manifestation of The Thousand Gods that have been freed from their imprisonment in Tartarus. It inhabits the physical form of what was once the demon Octavian.

Not all of the freed gods inhabit the Godvessel. Some, like Regret and Guile, escaped Tartarus and have taken up their former roles as arbiters of their respective domains. Others, like Ruin, split off from the Godvessel as independent agents that pursue the same goal. 

Its exact motives are not known, but thus far it has pursued nothing but wholesale destruction of the mortal realm. 

It has shown the power to raise the dead as soulless husks, and has used the battlefield of Long Reach to raise an army of undead Dwarves and Beastmen that presently march on the Dwarven Clans and the rest of The Troubled Lands. Its armies have also assembled a naval fleet of corrupted wood and bone, upon which the Godvessel sails westward toward The Far Reaches, presumably in search of the Codex Diabolicus.

The Godvessel

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